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We identify associations’ needs. We make strategic planning and prepare budgets. We establish an association activity plan and a list of target audience. 

We establish identifying information for the congress. We prepare a sales marketing file. We plan and hold a sponsor meeting. We carry out regular e-new works, make announcements on the congress on the association’s web pages and send e-announcements to sponsors. We also send a text from the head of the association. We build the congress ambassador program and share it with the association. We do the abstract reporting. We prepare an invitation speech by the head of the association, manage media and PR services and send short messages.  

We provide the necessary lighting and technical infrastructure for production. We realize all branding design, production and implementation works. We provide photo and video shoot services and make an Association-Customer film if need be. We offer Keypad application.

Our graphic department design and apply logos and printed and all visual materials and follow the printing process. We prepare congress web sites via the Abstract online system. We send the invitation letters to speakers and conduct the event. We install the system for simultaneous interpretation. We provide online registration and accommodation services. (Participants can complete these procedures in 30 seconds by using this system on site.) 
We organize accompanying people and congress center, shuttles and transfers. We provide synchronized web casting.